C.H.I.P.S. Michigan


I met Robert on the internet while playing Puzzled Hearts, we quickly became friends. Robert and I started talking one day on a post and he started telling me things about me. He called me by a kick-name that only my dad called me and my dad has been gone for 15 years. He told me that my dad was here in my home along with my Grandfather and a Great Aunt on my dad's side of the family. I knew about my dad and grandfather they are with me all the time. we have been talking sense. Robert has a wonderful gift, and uses it to help those that will let him. I have put him in touch with two of my Daughters, he has helped them out also.
Let me tell you all a little story about how Robert was able to help me. I have a 6 year old Grandson, he is always talking about Heaven, God, my DAD, and other Angels. He has done this from the time that he was about 2 1/2 years old. he would talk about what heaven was like. I talked to Robert one day, and Robert asked about him, I told Robert a few things, but what I heard back was more then I had counted on. Robert told me about Eddie's mom, the type of person she was, he told me that Eddie Talked to my dad all the time, and that he was closer to God then most adults are. and that he could see things and that he could pray and ask for healing for some people. I had already knew this but had not told Robert. Lately Eddie has been having some Night Terrors, he said that there was some one here that he didn't know, and he was afraid of him. I spoke with Robert about this and Robert had some answers, he said that it could be another family member in the house or that it could just be someone trying to come in. I have never felt uncomfortable in my home until Eddie started with the night terrors, then I was hearing someone telling me to have my right ventricle checked out. this week things stopped, I posted a picture of some of my family that had passed away and Robert asked me if one of them had breathing problems and I told him yes, and what he told me next blew my mind away. my little Eddie had not seen the pictures yet, but Robert told me that when Eddie got home from school to show him the picture with the tall slim man standing with the other men in the picture to see if he knew any of them, Robert said that the tall slim man was the man that Eddie was seeing. so when Eddie got home, I showed him the pictures, and as Robert said Eddie picked out the same man. I was just WOW, that is all I could say, and kept saying it as each person in the pictures that has passed away my Grandson knew and could point out, he even knew their personality to a tee.  
You want to know if Robert can tell you things and see things. My answer to this is YES he can, I live in Benson, Arizona my grandson lives with me. The two daughters I mentioned above live hear also. My Grandson sees White lights, he tells me these are the Good angels, the black lights are the bad angels, I never told him about God when he was little, he told me about God and what a wonderful man he was, and I agree. Robert is a man with a heart and soul that can see Spirits, and can help you if you let him. he doesn't have to be standing next to you he just has to talk to you and feel comfortable with you. Robert Thank you does not even begin to explain how you have helped me and Eddie, his night terrors are gone and once again he has seen what GOD can do through others like him.  
Love you my Brother in the Lord, he has truly given you a beautiful gift.  
Paula Brooks.

This lady got a hold of Bob over the internet from Arizona. Bob, without knowing anything about this lady.
Was able to help her out over the internet from Michigan

I would like to say that i was searching for healing when I was given the chance to speak with Bob. He knew the answers to my questions without me having to tell him anything. He has brought peace and comfort to our home by showing us his gift . My close friends and Grandmother have shown themselves and for this i will be forever greatful.